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Substance – A Brazilian Gothic Collection

20 Brazilian gothic bands in this compilation by Sonambulo.  An excellent post to show the world what these people are doing nowadays. Although they’re contemporary projects we can call them post-punk as well.

what 20 dark brazilian projects do nowadays

what 20 dark brazilian projects do nowadays

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Rumores LP(1985) Brasília DF

Rumores 1985 - a collector's item

Rumores 1985 - a collector's item

Brasilia, DF a.k.a BSB is the capital city of Brazil. For a long time it was known only for its quality of political centre of the country and where politicians rarely showed up and usually robbed a lot of money and didn’t do much else.

But in the 80s, as the major cities of Brazil – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – started to bloom with post-punk bands, so Brasilia did as well showing a different kind of post-punk, a crude , speedy, but lighter punk rock that showed some political and existential concerns among love songs.

This RUMORES LP(Rumours) brings in four BSB bands that haven’t achieved much success but are an example of what the post-punk scene was all about in those days(1985) in the capital of Brazil. A collector’s item.

Bands :

  • Escola de Escândalo
  • Detrito Federal
  • Elite Sofisticada
  • Finis Africae