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Kid Abelha – 2 albuns (1984 and 1987)

All over the world the names Talking Heads and B 52s are among the most remembered bands when it comes to ‘new wave’ and from the sunny Rio de Janeiro City they come Kid Abelha and the Abóboras Selvagens.

Sweet and dancy melodies sung by the sex bomb Paula Toller and played by her mates Leoni, George Israel and Bruno Fortunato.

First album - they came to stay

First album - they came to stay

They’re still playing to-day (Leoni fled) with about 20 albuns issued since 1984 proving that they’re more than just beautiful people.

Here we have the first album Seu Espião (Your Spy) and the third one Tomate (Tomato)

critics acclaimed 'best album'

critics acclaimed 'best album'

Ask your sweetheart a dance tonight.

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O Passo do Lui (1984) – The Paralamas do Sucesso

1984 – Dictatorship in Brazil was approaching its end when from Brasília DF – the capital city – came the Paralamas do Sucesso.

Many post-punk bands had formed in early 80s, but usually following the punk pattern of 3 chords, straight forward drums and a military look. Not with the Paralamas.

ska-punk from Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil

ska-punk from Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil

They blended the new wave thing with much ‘ska’ and , no doubt, they copied a lot of what was being doing by The Police then, shaping the songs into something more ‘latino-america’. An excellent album that ran away from the bad guys bands that were emerging in the early 80’s and eventually helped to put them where they are today: One of the best bands of the world.

Enjoy it!!

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