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Gang 90 & As Absurdettes – 1981 – Perdidos na Selva – single

As I couldn’t find the single I’m up with some video. (It takes time to find, but soon).

Gang 90 & As Absurdettes is considered to be – along with Blitz – the predecessor of all Brazilian New Wave bands in the 80s.

DJ and journalist Júlio Barroso who had lived in New York decided to launch a band styled after the ones he had known there and the band succeeded after they had taken part in a famous Brazilian Pop Music Festival (MPB SHELL 81) and one of their songs was chosen as a popular soap opera soundtrack.

Julio Barrsoo died in June 1984, but keyboardist Taciana Barros went on to release two more albuns before they finally split up.

artists who took part in the project were:  Júlio BarrosoAlice Pink PankLobãoMay EastLonita Renaux (Denise Barroso)Luíza Maria,Wanderley TaffoGuilherme ArantesLee MarcucciGigante BrasilHerman TorresOtávio FialhoLuiz Paulo SimasTaciana BarrosBeto FirminoGilvan GomesPaulo Le Petit, Curtis.



Voluntários da Pátria (1984) Voluntários da Pátria

Among myriads of new bands that popped out in Brazil (São Paulo) in the early 80s came along this Voluntários da Pátria (Nation Volunteers) who played a nice going post-punk whose members were all famous names of the post-punk scene in Brazil sometime: Minho K (Verminose, Magazine e 3 Hombres), Guilherme Isnard (Zero), Akira S. e Edson X (Akira S. & As Garotas que Erraram), Thomas Pappon (Smack e Fellini), Nasi e Gaspa (Ira!).

They formed in 1982 by guitarrists Miguel Barrela (ex-Agentss) e Giuseppe Fripp.

This album is recorded by Miguel and Giuseppe on guitars, Nasi sings, Gaspa on bass and  Thomas Pappon on drums. They split up short after releasing it.


01. O homem que eu amo
02. Iô Iô
03. Um, Dois, Três, Eu te amo
04. Nazi Über Alles
05. Marcha
06. Verdades e Mentiras
07. Cadê o Socialismo
08. Terra devastada
09. Resistência Afega (Inédita – Bonus)
10. Iô Iô (Bonus)
11. Verdades e Mentiras (Bonus)
12. Cadê o Socialismo (Bonus)
13. Fúria Brasileira (Bonus)
14. Marcha (Bonus)

The Sexual Life Of The Savages – Brazilian Post Punk – V.A.

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download (18 tracks rar)

Various Artists
The Sexual Life Of The Savages
Underground Post-Punk from Sao Paulo, Brasil
2005 (although the recordings date back to the early 80’s)
Soul Jazz Records
size: 78.6 MB

01. As Mercenarias – Inimigo
02. As Mercenarias – Panico
03. Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram – Sobre As Pernas
04. Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram – Eu Dirijo O Carro Bomba
05. Fellini – Rock Europeu
06. Gang 90 – Jack Kerouac
07. Chance – Samba De Morro
08. Patife – Teu Bem
09. Gueto – Borboleta
10. Nau – Madame Oraculo
11. Chance – Striptease De Madame X
12. Smack – For A Daqui
13. Smack – Mediocridade Afinal
14. Fellini – Zum Zum Zazoeira
15. Muzak – Ilha Urbana
16. Cabine C – Tao Perto
17. Harry – You Have Gone Wrong

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NÃO WAVE – Brazil Post Punk 1982-1988 V.A.

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01 Agentss “Agentss”
02 Black Future “Eu Sou O Rio”
03 Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram “Futebol”
04 Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram feat. Holger Czukay “Sobre As Pernas”
05 Azul 29 “Cièncias Sensuias”
06 Chance”Samba Do Morro”
07 Fellini “Teu Ingles”
08 Fellini “Funziona Senza Vapore”
09 Ira! “Lá Fora Pode Até Morrer”
10 AkT “Prince No Deserto Vermelho”
11 Vzydaq Moe “Redencão”
12 Mercenarias “Policia”
13 Muzak “Ilha Urbana”
14 Voluntários de Pátria “Io Io”

text from:

A strange object surprised music fans in Brazil in 1982. An independent 7“ single, with an obscure cover in black and white where the band name could be read: Agentss. Here were 2 tracks impressively synchronised with the electronic music that was happening at that time in Europe and the USA, from Gary Numan and Fad Gadget to Gang Of Four, ESG, New Order and Liquid Liquid.

It was the first manifestation of a phenomenon that developed during the whole of the 1980’s: Brazilian bands working from the same post-punk references as scenes occurring in London, New York and Berlin. In the following years dozens of releases revealed an invigorating and vigorous generation of bands. From 1982 to the end of the 80s bands like Ira!, Smack, Mercenárias, Muzak, Voluntários da Pátria, Chance, Vzyadoq Moe, Akira S & as Garotas Que Erraram were some of these names – all of these coming from the city of São Paulo.”


INOCENTES – Brazilian punk/post-punk in the 80s/90s – DISCOGRAPHY


After a long absence we’re back with truely an excelent Brazilian band. From São Paulo/SP. I may not have the right of calling them POST-PUNKs , but I surely can call them PUNKS.

INOCENTS are one of the most powerful punk bandas of the 80s.

Formed in 1981 they were Antônio Carlos Calegari (guitar), Marcelino Gonzales (drums) and Clemente (bass) a freshman called Maurício was called to do the vocals.

In 1982 they are called to take part in the album Grito Suburbano the first Brazilian punk rock register.

Until 1983 hey record their first album Miséria e Fome with 10 out of 13 songs censored so they released it as a single with only 3 tracks. At te end of this year they split up as trio (Clemente doing the vocals).

In 1984 they come back with “Tonhão” (drums), André parlato (bass), Ronaldo dos Passos (guitar) and Clemente (vocals, guitar) with a new POST PUNK sound.

This same year the album Grito Suburbano is released in German as Volks Grito.

In 1986, Warner releases a mini-LP called Pânico em SP (Panic in SP).

In 1987 Warner releases their second work Adeus Carne (Good bye flesh) and they start to be played on the radio, but Warner gives INOCENTES up because it considered them ‘hard to work with’.

A third Warner album is released only in 1989, a very confused work portraying rock’n’roll, punk rock and rap. Tonhão and André leave the band and César Romaro (drums) plus Mingau (bass) join in.

In the beginning of the 90s, with little money and few gigs they wander away from punk rock, but a demo tape called ‘O Homem Negro’ is well played at 89 FM radio.

In 1992 comes the almost-unplugged Estilhaços (Shrapnel) album.

In 1994 punk roots come back the “Subterrâneos” (Underground) album

In 1995 the band records the “Ruas” (Streets) released by Paradoxx .

In 1998 they record “Embalado a Vácuo” (Vacuum Packed)

DOWNLOAD discography —> HERE


NAU (1986) by NAU


This álbum – NAU – brings us 11 deliciously urban tracks with heavy guitars that shows the metal influences of the guitar player Zique, and gives away to a psychedelic atmosphere that was a little low profile that time.

Female singer Vange Leonel with her beautiful voice and much sensuality guides throughout this record.

The hard atmosphere of this album makes me avoid the term ‘new wave’ to describe it, but in 1986 nobody paid attention to that.

This band (also called NAU) is a one album band, but as a real pearl it belongs to the treasure chest and stands as a witness of the richness of the Brazilian post-punk bands in the 80s

Vange Leonel – Vocals
Zique – Guitars
Beto Birquer – bass
Mauro Sanches – drums

download – click on the cover

Fellini band – discography – 8 albuns



As early as 1984 the band Fellini was playing in the fertile São Paulo post-punk scene. Not well known as other Brazilian bands they were never executed on the radio and didn’t appear on TV either.



Their albuns were not on the shops and only a few guys could find them when visiting São Paulo, Rio or another major centre.



The members were Cadão Volpato (voice) and Thomas Pappon (instruments). Cadão would follow with the group Funziona Senza Vapore and Thomas, later on, living in London, would form with his wife the duo The Gilbertos, and released the album “Os Eurosambas 1992-1998”(already posted on this blog).



A nice pseudo samba, pseudo bossa-nova, and pseudo rock work is the result of these non-professional sessions that wound up being the coolest songs ever played by a post-punk Brazilian band.


This one is a spinoff. Thomas Pappon and his wife Karla’s:






We can say Fellini have influenced every other band in the Brazilian scene since early 80s







Fellini - 2007 - Posta Restante - Bootleg - 1



Fellini - 2010 - Você Nem Imagina