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Gang 90 & As Absurdettes – 1981 – Perdidos na Selva – single

As I couldn’t find the single I’m up with some video. (It takes time to find, but soon).

Gang 90 & As Absurdettes is considered to be – along with Blitz – the predecessor of all Brazilian New Wave bands in the 80s.

DJ and journalist Júlio Barroso who had lived in New York decided to launch a band styled after the ones he had known there and the band succeeded after they had taken part in a famous Brazilian Pop Music Festival (MPB SHELL 81) and one of their songs was chosen as a popular soap opera soundtrack.

Julio Barrsoo died in June 1984, but keyboardist Taciana Barros went on to release two more albuns before they finally split up.

artists who took part in the project were:  Júlio BarrosoAlice Pink PankLobãoMay EastLonita Renaux (Denise Barroso)Luíza Maria,Wanderley TaffoGuilherme ArantesLee MarcucciGigante BrasilHerman TorresOtávio FialhoLuiz Paulo SimasTaciana BarrosBeto FirminoGilvan GomesPaulo Le Petit, Curtis.



Kid Abelha – 2 albuns (1984 and 1987)

All over the world the names Talking Heads and B 52s are among the most remembered bands when it comes to ‘new wave’ and from the sunny Rio de Janeiro City they come Kid Abelha and the Abóboras Selvagens.

Sweet and dancy melodies sung by the sex bomb Paula Toller and played by her mates Leoni, George Israel and Bruno Fortunato.

First album - they came to stay

First album - they came to stay

They’re still playing to-day (Leoni fled) with about 20 albuns issued since 1984 proving that they’re more than just beautiful people.

Here we have the first album Seu Espião (Your Spy) and the third one Tomate (Tomato)

critics acclaimed 'best album'

critics acclaimed 'best album'

Ask your sweetheart a dance tonight.

Download – on the covers

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