A history of postpunk scene in my hometown in the 80s

livro Das Cores ao Século XXI por Jadson Junior

No wonder I’m manic with postpunk! In the 80s I was a vocalist in two bands in my hometown. Now that 20 years have passed I joined with two friends and released our own postpunk history.

Like I say, nowadays our town is home of two bands touring Europe and the USA on a regular basis. They’re The Boogarins and Black Drawing Chalks and no, they’re nothing to do with postpunk, but besides them this city has hundreds of bands, some of them really good.

Since 2000 I’ve wandered the underground clubs, venues, festivals and there they are: The rock ‘n’ rollers playing loud and fast and make me wonder that a history have been developing right here in my backyard.

So I decided to write and release this book. A postpunk book, about me and my friends through the 80s.


This 2016 I’m writing a version in English and by the end of the year it’ll be on the net as a free ebook.

contact the author: jadsonjr@live.com

free PDF in portuguese HERE



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