Books on Post-Punk (Post-Punk Books)

I’ve written a book about POST-PUNK as well, but mine is about the scene in my hometown. I’m coming back to it later.

Now it’s more important a book named RIP IT UP and START AGAIN by Simon Reynolds. Ever heard about?


Although I’m a fervent reader myself I haven’t read many books lately because I’m going to a Cinema College that devours all my free time, but since october I’ve resumed my old habit of reading.

To tell you the truth I love both physical books and e-books. As to the latter it’s easy and simple just to proceed a Google search, find them in a second and download before transferring to my Kindle.

And I’ve searched a lot for POST-PUNK books, but the great majority are books about a specific band or musician like The Cure, Ian Curtis, so it goes.

There are tons of books about PUNK and many about this band or that musician, but I hadn’t found any single one about POST-PUNK alone, as a whole, before I came across RIP IT UP and START AGAIN by Reynolds.

It’s simply amazing! Reynolds surprised me until the last page, which I feared, because I was in such love with the book that I didn’t want it to end.

But let’s talk about the beggining. The introduction tells it all. It’s not necessary to go further. You read the introduction alone and everything there’s to say about POST-PUNK is there.


“When I got into the Pistols and the rest, at some point in the middle of 1978, I had no idea that this was all officially “dead”.”

“What’s weird, as I recall now, is that I never bought old records during that period. Why should I have? …because there was no time to look back wistfully to something you never lived through. There was too much happening now.”


US cover

True, same here in the the backlands of Brazil.

It’s definetely THE book when it comes to POST PUNK.

Funny thing is Reynolds never mentioned The Cure, Bauhaus or Siouxie Sioux and the Banshees. Let alone The Smiths. But I haven’t missed them and you probably won’t either.

He picked up some cities in UK and USA and showed the approach they had and even wrote a lot about each record and some important tracks as well.

For me it was the greatest find I’ve ever done on the net.



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