Voluntários da Pátria (1984) Voluntários da Pátria

Among myriads of new bands that popped out in Brazil (São Paulo) in the early 80s came along this Voluntários da Pátria (Nation Volunteers) who played a nice going post-punk whose members were all famous names of the post-punk scene in Brazil sometime: Minho K (Verminose, Magazine e 3 Hombres), Guilherme Isnard (Zero), Akira S. e Edson X (Akira S. & As Garotas que Erraram), Thomas Pappon (Smack e Fellini), Nasi e Gaspa (Ira!).

They formed in 1982 by guitarrists Miguel Barrela (ex-Agentss) e Giuseppe Fripp.

This album is recorded by Miguel and Giuseppe on guitars, Nasi sings, Gaspa on bass and  Thomas Pappon on drums. They split up short after releasing it.


01. O homem que eu amo
02. Iô Iô
03. Um, Dois, Três, Eu te amo
04. Nazi Über Alles
05. Marcha
06. Verdades e Mentiras
07. Cadê o Socialismo
08. Terra devastada
09. Resistência Afega (Inédita – Bonus)
10. Iô Iô (Bonus)
11. Verdades e Mentiras (Bonus)
12. Cadê o Socialismo (Bonus)
13. Fúria Brasileira (Bonus)
14. Marcha (Bonus)


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