Under the Southern Sun 3 CDs – Brazilian post punk, gothic rock, darkwave – 1983/2007

download link updated (march 2016)

Then I found this goth/darkwave compilation with 48 songs from 48 Brazilian post-punk bands. A certain guy named Ranniere had the ability of gathering all these bands plus a 120-page booklet with bios, links, pics, etc.

“…a tribute dedicated to those bands and projects that for some minutes, hours or days, succeeded in overcoming the feared southern sun…  the resonant eclipse keeps itself alive until nowadays and will keep itself alive always that someone is fond of showing a feeling that many insist on hiding, a dense and emotional melody and someone who’s willing to tell stories that few still insist on hearing…” (translated from the original booklet).

I’m posting the download link HERE.

Necessary is to say that the tracks are distributed in 3 CDs. The first features bands from 1983 to 1994, the second from 1995 to 2003 and the last from 2003 to 2007..

Thanks to Ranniere himself who got in touch and updated the link 🙂

Download “Under the Southern Sun – the chronology of post punk, gothic rock and modern darkwave in Brazil.”

11 responses to “Under the Southern Sun 3 CDs – Brazilian post punk, gothic rock, darkwave – 1983/2007

  1. I love your website and if you need help i have a collection of brazilian post punk we could be friends and change material

  2. I would love. Let’s talk about it. my facebook: facebook.com/jadsonjr

  3. I would love to get my hands on this release but see the links are down! Maybe we can trade??

  4. soon a valid link here.

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