Listen to Quarto Mundo on Myspace here. Click the picture to download from 4shared.

In Brazil, some capital cities are famous for having had truly outstanding post-punk bands. The city of Goiânia is not one of them.

Located in the middle of Brazil it’s only 200 km away from Brasília, the capital city of the country where many bands flourished throughout the 80s.

In Goiania the bands could not be named as such. “They were all filthy hippies” says Jadson, the vocalist and main composer.

Jadson had gigged for 3 years with another local band when he decided to form a post-punk group. In early 1985 he and more two unknown boys started to ‘think’ what Quarto Mundo would turn out to be.

The three guys, Jadson (vocals), Joca (bass) and Barba (guitar) had no credibility among the city rockers who franchised only the progressive rock and jazz fusions.

The mere suggestion of playing a new wave based rock made their peers laugh.

They couldn’t find a drummer because of two main reasons: One:  there were few drummers in town and, Two: No drummer would play with them because they were openly new wavers. In late 1985 they came across Serjão, a drummer and started to play.

They started to write and rehearse their songs in early 1985, but they would only be ready to go in early 1986. As Quarto Mundo started gigging all rock bands in town disbanded or swapped styles.

Quarto Mundo was the first group in the entire state that played ska, rockabilly and post-punk compositions and all songs were theirs.

They recorded a demo tape with 6 songs whose style range from straight forward post punk songs to more elaborate tunes, gothic-like tracks.

Quarto Mundo split up in 1987 when they were in the verge of becoming goth. Joca had formed Restos da Cultura Proibida a bossa nova/post-punk project and Jadson would go on to end the decade singing and performing with Departamento de Testes, an industrial/goth project.

Quarto Mundo was important because they rioted against their local scene, they were the only band in their whole state to be synchronized with the rest of the world, and besides they were not influenced by any local band before them, but they surely influenced all local groups that came after them.

Contact with Jadson: jadsonjr@live.com

or facebook



Jadson – vocals

Joca – bass

Barba – guitar

Serjão – drums

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