INOCENTES – Brazilian punk/post-punk in the 80s/90s – DISCOGRAPHY


After a long absence we’re back with truely an excelent Brazilian band. From São Paulo/SP. I may not have the right of calling them POST-PUNKs , but I surely can call them PUNKS.

INOCENTS are one of the most powerful punk bandas of the 80s.

Formed in 1981 they were Antônio Carlos Calegari (guitar), Marcelino Gonzales (drums) and Clemente (bass) a freshman called Maurício was called to do the vocals.

In 1982 they are called to take part in the album Grito Suburbano the first Brazilian punk rock register.

Until 1983 hey record their first album Miséria e Fome with 10 out of 13 songs censored so they released it as a single with only 3 tracks. At te end of this year they split up as trio (Clemente doing the vocals).

In 1984 they come back with “Tonhão” (drums), André parlato (bass), Ronaldo dos Passos (guitar) and Clemente (vocals, guitar) with a new POST PUNK sound.

This same year the album Grito Suburbano is released in German as Volks Grito.

In 1986, Warner releases a mini-LP called Pânico em SP (Panic in SP).

In 1987 Warner releases their second work Adeus Carne (Good bye flesh) and they start to be played on the radio, but Warner gives INOCENTES up because it considered them ‘hard to work with’.

A third Warner album is released only in 1989, a very confused work portraying rock’n’roll, punk rock and rap. Tonhão and André leave the band and César Romaro (drums) plus Mingau (bass) join in.

In the beginning of the 90s, with little money and few gigs they wander away from punk rock, but a demo tape called ‘O Homem Negro’ is well played at 89 FM radio.

In 1992 comes the almost-unplugged Estilhaços (Shrapnel) album.

In 1994 punk roots come back the “Subterrâneos” (Underground) album

In 1995 the band records the “Ruas” (Streets) released by Paradoxx .

In 1998 they record “Embalado a Vácuo” (Vacuum Packed)

DOWNLOAD discography —> HERE


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