Tubarões Voadores (Flying Sharks) 1984 by Arrigo Barnabé


From distant 1984 comes this Brazilian cutting edge all-time masterpiece.

tubarões 2

Does anyone know it? Brazilian most creative musicians are better known abroad, but I was owing a friend of mine this Tubarões Voadores (Flying Sharks) by Arrigo Barnabé.

One of the most ‘avant garde’ Brazilian pop acts

A hint: It sounds a lot like Frank Zappa’s songs  either in jazzistic experiments as well as the way he ‘speaks’ the lyrics, but without dirty words, but it’s Portuguese spoken anyway.

The beautifully illustrated artwork is Luiz Gê’s and with the original album came a little comic book (as you can see below in a video) with the scenes to follow the music.


visit Arrigo Barnabé’s homepage

tubarões 3


2 responses to “Tubarões Voadores (Flying Sharks) 1984 by Arrigo Barnabé

  1. Oi, Jadson.
    Esse post do Arrigo bem que podia receber a companhia de um falando sobre o Itamar Assumpção, hein? (Se é que vc já não fez e eu é que não vi)

    PS: Parabéns pelo conceito sensacional do blog. Abs.

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