NAU (1986) by NAU


This álbum – NAU – brings us 11 deliciously urban tracks with heavy guitars that shows the metal influences of the guitar player Zique, and gives away to a psychedelic atmosphere that was a little low profile that time.

Female singer Vange Leonel with her beautiful voice and much sensuality guides throughout this record.

The hard atmosphere of this album makes me avoid the term ‘new wave’ to describe it, but in 1986 nobody paid attention to that.

This band (also called NAU) is a one album band, but as a real pearl it belongs to the treasure chest and stands as a witness of the richness of the Brazilian post-punk bands in the 80s

Vange Leonel – Vocals
Zique – Guitars
Beto Birquer – bass
Mauro Sanches – drums

download – click on the cover


7 responses to “NAU (1986) by NAU

  1. I just want to say your blog is incredible. I didn’t even know such a thing existed as Brazilian post-punk existed until reading it. Please keep it up, everything you write is a revelation to me.

    (By the way you might want to check out Pekinska Patka, they’re a Yugoslavian punk / post-punk band from the early 80s)

  2. muito bom seu site o nau e uma das melhores banda de sampa sale

  3. Puta que pariu, que banda BOA! Alguém me explica porque logo o legião urbana foi fazer sucesso com tanta coisa melhor rolando. Esse blog foi o achado do século! Adorei!

    • que ótimo que vc gostou – nosso objetivo ta,bém é desenterrar os tesouros – obrigadão e não desapareça

  4. agradeço os comentários, estou preparando mais material para postar agora em Abril de 2010

  5. Cara, reupa esse album por favor?

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