Tecnicolor (2000) Mutantes

recorded in 1970 - Released in 2000

recorded in 1970 – Released in 2000


Mutantes ( Mutants) are not a post-punk band. They were not even punks or the like. As a matter of fact they were more a psychedelic and progressive band than anything else.

But they were already playing in their hometown (São Paulo) as early as 1966 and in 1968 would take part, along with Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Nara Leão of the most revolutionary movement of the Brazilian pop music (MPB) ever, the Tropicália.


They were Arnaldo Baptista (bass, keyboards, vocals), Rita Lee (vocals) and Sérgio Dias (guitar, bass, vocais). Also played Liminha (bass) and Dinho Leme (drums).

This album Tecnicolor was recorded in France in 1970, but Polydor, who owned the rights decided not to release it due to its lyrics be sung in many different languages. Also the previous album ‘do A ao Z’ was not released because it was composed and recorded while The Mutantes were totally stoned with LSD.

This Mutantes episode is emblematic of the poor relationship between the businessmen and the artistry in Brazil let alone the Mutantes struggled in hard dictatorship times.

Rita Lee is the major rock singer in Brazil to present and Arnaldo and Sérgio are acknowledged all over the world as one of the greatest rock heroes of the world.

This album was finally released in the year 2000

Curiosity – the cover art and handwriting is Sean Lennon’s.

Mutantes’ Official Site


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