A history of postpunk scene in my hometown in the 80s

livro Das Cores ao Século XXI por Jadson Junior

No wonder I’m manic with postpunk! In the 80s I was a vocalist in two bands in my hometown. Now that 20 years have passed I joined with two friends and released our own postpunk history.

Like I say, nowadays our town is home of two bands touring Europe and the USA on a regular basis. They’re The Boogarins and Black Drawing Chalks and no, they’re nothing to do with postpunk, but besides them this city has hundreds of bands, some of them really good.

Since 2000 I’ve wandered the underground clubs, venues, festivals and there they are: The rock ‘n’ rollers playing loud and fast and make me wonder that a history have been developing right here in my backyard.

So I decided to write and release this book. A postpunk book, about me and my friends through the 80s.


This 2016 I’m writing a version in English and by the end of the year it’ll be on the net as a free ebook.

contact the author: jadsonjr@live.com

free PDF in portuguese HERE


Books on Post-Punk (Post-Punk Books)

I’ve written a book about POST-PUNK as well, but mine is about the scene in my hometown. I’m coming back to it later.

Now it’s more important a book named RIP IT UP and START AGAIN by Simon Reynolds. Ever heard about?


Although I’m a fervent reader myself I haven’t read many books lately because I’m going to a Cinema College that devours all my free time, but since october I’ve resumed my old habit of reading.

To tell you the truth I love both physical books and e-books. As to the latter it’s easy and simple just to proceed a Google search, find them in a second and download before transferring to my Kindle.

And I’ve searched a lot for POST-PUNK books, but the great majority are books about a specific band or musician like The Cure, Ian Curtis, so it goes.

There are tons of books about PUNK and many about this band or that musician, but I hadn’t found any single one about POST-PUNK alone, as a whole, before I came across RIP IT UP and START AGAIN by Reynolds.

It’s simply amazing! Reynolds surprised me until the last page, which I feared, because I was in such love with the book that I didn’t want it to end.

But let’s talk about the beggining. The introduction tells it all. It’s not necessary to go further. You read the introduction alone and everything there’s to say about POST-PUNK is there.


“When I got into the Pistols and the rest, at some point in the middle of 1978, I had no idea that this was all officially “dead”.”

“What’s weird, as I recall now, is that I never bought old records during that period. Why should I have? …because there was no time to look back wistfully to something you never lived through. There was too much happening now.”


US cover

True, same here in the the backlands of Brazil.

It’s definetely THE book when it comes to POST PUNK.

Funny thing is Reynolds never mentioned The Cure, Bauhaus or Siouxie Sioux and the Banshees. Let alone The Smiths. But I haven’t missed them and you probably won’t either.

He picked up some cities in UK and USA and showed the approach they had and even wrote a lot about each record and some important tracks as well.

For me it was the greatest find I’ve ever done on the net.


Gang 90 & As Absurdettes – 1981 – Perdidos na Selva – single

As I couldn’t find the single I’m up with some video. (It takes time to find, but soon).

Gang 90 & As Absurdettes is considered to be – along with Blitz – the predecessor of all Brazilian New Wave bands in the 80s.

DJ and journalist Júlio Barroso who had lived in New York decided to launch a band styled after the ones he had known there and the band succeeded after they had taken part in a famous Brazilian Pop Music Festival (MPB SHELL 81) and one of their songs was chosen as a popular soap opera soundtrack.

Julio Barrsoo died in June 1984, but keyboardist Taciana Barros went on to release two more albuns before they finally split up.

artists who took part in the project were:  Júlio BarrosoAlice Pink PankLobãoMay EastLonita Renaux (Denise Barroso)Luíza Maria,Wanderley TaffoGuilherme ArantesLee MarcucciGigante BrasilHerman TorresOtávio FialhoLuiz Paulo SimasTaciana BarrosBeto FirminoGilvan GomesPaulo Le Petit, Curtis.


Voluntários da Pátria (1984) Voluntários da Pátria

Among myriads of new bands that popped out in Brazil (São Paulo) in the early 80s came along this Voluntários da Pátria (Nation Volunteers) who played a nice going post-punk whose members were all famous names of the post-punk scene in Brazil sometime: Minho K (Verminose, Magazine e 3 Hombres), Guilherme Isnard (Zero), Akira S. e Edson X (Akira S. & As Garotas que Erraram), Thomas Pappon (Smack e Fellini), Nasi e Gaspa (Ira!).

They formed in 1982 by guitarrists Miguel Barrela (ex-Agentss) e Giuseppe Fripp.

This album is recorded by Miguel and Giuseppe on guitars, Nasi sings, Gaspa on bass and  Thomas Pappon on drums. They split up short after releasing it.


01. O homem que eu amo
02. Iô Iô
03. Um, Dois, Três, Eu te amo
04. Nazi Über Alles
05. Marcha
06. Verdades e Mentiras
07. Cadê o Socialismo
08. Terra devastada
09. Resistência Afega (Inédita – Bonus)
10. Iô Iô (Bonus)
11. Verdades e Mentiras (Bonus)
12. Cadê o Socialismo (Bonus)
13. Fúria Brasileira (Bonus)
14. Marcha (Bonus)

The Sexual Life Of The Savages – Brazilian Post Punk – V.A.

download link updated

download (18 tracks rar)

Various Artists
The Sexual Life Of The Savages
Underground Post-Punk from Sao Paulo, Brasil
2005 (although the recordings date back to the early 80’s)
Soul Jazz Records
size: 78.6 MB

01. As Mercenarias – Inimigo
02. As Mercenarias – Panico
03. Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram – Sobre As Pernas
04. Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram – Eu Dirijo O Carro Bomba
05. Fellini – Rock Europeu
06. Gang 90 – Jack Kerouac
07. Chance – Samba De Morro
08. Patife – Teu Bem
09. Gueto – Borboleta
10. Nau – Madame Oraculo
11. Chance – Striptease De Madame X
12. Smack – For A Daqui
13. Smack – Mediocridade Afinal
14. Fellini – Zum Zum Zazoeira
15. Muzak – Ilha Urbana
16. Cabine C – Tao Perto
17. Harry – You Have Gone Wrong

download link from blog  vitrolaeletronica.blogspot.com.br

NÃO WAVE – Brazil Post Punk 1982-1988 V.A.

download link updated (march 2016)



01 Agentss “Agentss”
02 Black Future “Eu Sou O Rio”
03 Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram “Futebol”
04 Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram feat. Holger Czukay “Sobre As Pernas”
05 Azul 29 “Cièncias Sensuias”
06 Chance”Samba Do Morro”
07 Fellini “Teu Ingles”
08 Fellini “Funziona Senza Vapore”
09 Ira! “Lá Fora Pode Até Morrer”
10 AkT “Prince No Deserto Vermelho”
11 Vzydaq Moe “Redencão”
12 Mercenarias “Policia”
13 Muzak “Ilha Urbana”
14 Voluntários de Pátria “Io Io”

text from: http://www.manrecordings.com

A strange object surprised music fans in Brazil in 1982. An independent 7“ single, with an obscure cover in black and white where the band name could be read: Agentss. Here were 2 tracks impressively synchronised with the electronic music that was happening at that time in Europe and the USA, from Gary Numan and Fad Gadget to Gang Of Four, ESG, New Order and Liquid Liquid.

It was the first manifestation of a phenomenon that developed during the whole of the 1980’s: Brazilian bands working from the same post-punk references as scenes occurring in London, New York and Berlin. In the following years dozens of releases revealed an invigorating and vigorous generation of bands. From 1982 to the end of the 80s bands like Ira!, Smack, Mercenárias, Muzak, Voluntários da Pátria, Chance, Vzyadoq Moe, Akira S & as Garotas Que Erraram were some of these names – all of these coming from the city of São Paulo.”


Under the Southern Sun 3 CDs – Brazilian post punk, gothic rock, darkwave – 1983/2007

download link updated (march 2016)

Then I found this goth/darkwave compilation with 48 songs from 48 Brazilian post-punk bands. A certain guy named Ranniere had the ability of gathering all these bands plus a 120-page booklet with bios, links, pics, etc.

“…a tribute dedicated to those bands and projects that for some minutes, hours or days, succeeded in overcoming the feared southern sun…  the resonant eclipse keeps itself alive until nowadays and will keep itself alive always that someone is fond of showing a feeling that many insist on hiding, a dense and emotional melody and someone who’s willing to tell stories that few still insist on hearing…” (translated from the original booklet).

I’m posting the download link HERE.

Necessary is to say that the tracks are distributed in 3 CDs. The first features bands from 1983 to 1994, the second from 1995 to 2003 and the last from 2003 to 2007..

Thanks to Ranniere himself who got in touch and updated the link:)

Download “Under the Southern Sun – the chronology of post punk, gothic rock and modern darkwave in Brazil.”